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From time to time, specifications change for one reason or another. If you’ve discovered outdated or inaccurate content, data or referencing, the Solar Analytica Collaborative would appreciate your sharp insight. There are, however, some caveats due to the diversity of the Solar Analytica primary consideration; global specifications, the first and foremost consideration. Secondary, local specifications, which can vary, such as Guarantee periods, Guarantee assurance, Performance assurance, etc., will be considered for content integration.

The most crucial factor is the precise reference to support submission when submitting an amendment request. Your appeal will be disregarded without a reference accurately identifying the amendment request.

To assist with ensuring an Amendment request is adhered to in the shortest amount of time, please complete the Amendment request form entirely using the FAQs as support.


Research Assistants within the Solar Analytica Collaborative must consider global specifications first. Should general international specifications not exist, the next priority is globally diverse regions by the number of countries. Finally, where specifications languish within the first two priorities, specifications by regions of the most voluminous population are considered.

Please don’t complete the form. No reference means no consideration.

In rare circumstances, usually at the request of a manufacturer to protect selected proprietary assets or intellectual property, a general reference may be provided within the post content. This is because the Solar Analytica Collaborative has confirmed the reference with a legitimate source.

Solar Analytica thrives on user feedback and we welcome your contribution.

The Solar Analytica Assessment Criteria is built on a proprietary platform gauging the solar energy industries Average, Below Average and Above Average specifications within selected characteristics since 2018. This is consistently being relearnt with updated input variables. Updates are reflected within the Solar Analytica Assessment Criteria V.(number).

Please ensure adequate referencing to support a claim of amendment.

The Solar Analytica Assessment Criteria is a proprietary gauging system. The information listed is a guide only to assist users to understand a gauge point for relevance of a particular sub-classification.

Over time the sub-classification values will alter as more advanced specifications come to light. The Solar Analytica Assessment Criteria V.(number) is reflected in this.

Insufficient public information exists to confirm the characteristics where competing brands have made such specifications readily available.

Submitting an amendment request with an accompanying reference in this instance is welcomed. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are an option to ensure the privacy of documents where propriety assets are involved to adjust ranking point classifications.

If sufficient referencing is available and the amendment request meets the order of scope, the amendment request will reflect on the relevant product page within 72-hrs. Editorial content may take longer to update.

Upon the last review, the manufacturer removed that particular product from their global website.

Amendment Request.

Is there a sub-category value that requires an amendment? Accuracy matters. Submit an amendment request using this form. General product questions should be made using the comments section at the bottom of a related post. 

Amendment Request Form

Amendment Request
(Solar modules).

Is there a sub-category value that requires an amendment? Submit an amendment request using this form. General product questions should be made using the comments section at the bottom of a related post. 

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